Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Teleteria Helped Me Get the Car of My Dreams

Ever have one of those horrible months where everytime you go to pay a bill there's ten more that need to be paid and your car is breaking down every five feet? That was happening to me. It seemed like I was drowning and there was no way out. I made some difficult decisions but Teleteria was there for me every step of the way.

I couldn't go to my minimum pay job because of my car and riding the bus was not an option since this little one horse town doesn't have public transportation other than cabs. So I did some searching for working at home. I went to www.teleteria.net. I found Teleteria and gave them a call. Jay Servidio listened to what I was looking for and gave me the information I needed to make the decision of a lifetime!

I bought two adult sites two years ago. The design of my site is fantastic and the marketing help I got was invaluable. This past May I went new car shopping. Amazingly enough I made enough money off my two sites to pay back my initial investment and buy the car of my dreams!

I now own a fire engine red Dodge Charger, 2006 that I paid cash for! I have to say it - Teleteria helped me get the car of my dreams!

Billy K., Worthington, IN


My daughter had just turned 16 and like most dads I agreed to buy her a car for graduation. I had two years to make enough money to get her a decent car. Ok, I wanted to get her a really special one since she had done so well in school.

I was sharing with a friend of mine my delimma. No money to buy a nice safe car for her but having two years to work on it. He suggested I give Jay Servidio a call. I checked out www.teleteria.net first and then I gave Jay Servidio a call.

I also spoke with some guy that monitors and posts on the adult chat boards for webmasters. What a laugh! The guy says he sells the best adult sites but has no marketing support or customer service support at all. In speaking with some of his clients I found out no one has made money from his work at all.

So I bought an adult site and a casino site. Man, was I glad I went with Teleteria! They did an awesome job and I've already made enough money to buy my baby girl the car of her dreams! A mustang! A 1969 Mach I Mustang with a special paint job - pink!

Thanks Teleteria for helping me to buy the car of her dreams.

Frank R., Detroit, MI